ESL Creative Learning

English Private Institute

School buildings & classrooms
To begin with, it would be nice for the whole school to be painted with bright colors in order to feel happy going to school. Moreover, another thing that must be done is the renovation of the classes and the installation of an interactive board. In addition, automatic doors and desks in lines with a glass touch screen could also be added in each classroom. All these would make our lessons much more interesting.
Additionally, a new and bigger library has to be built for easier entrance of students. The most important thing is the installation of hi-tech laptops, 3D printers, e-books and paperless magazines and newspapers. These additions can make our life easier since we will be able to find out information faster, just by the touch of a button.
A huge cafeteria be built offering healthy food and drinks without sugar. Another thing that would be nice to see, is a glass building that would have various small tables on which students could eat. Also an automatic machine has to be installed which would tell you how many calories each food contains so you can take right decision!

Eliana Kyriacou

Schools of the Future

Buildings and classrooms
School buildings should be painted and rebuilt if necessary. Solar panels on the roof would also be a good idea to save energy and the school would become more eco-friendlier. In the classroom, interactive boards could be added and new-technology computers. Desks with an interactive surface would also be something really exciting and helpful for students.
Our library needs to be expanded and a lot of old and destroyed books have to be replaced. Plus, new books must be bought. Another purchase which would be nice and helpful for students, is new and really fast computers or even tablets, so we can be able to find the need information really fast, just with a touch of a button.
Our cafeteria could be self-service. Pick whatever we want, make our own sandwiches and pay at the checkout. Also, there should be more snack choices for students, especially healthy ones.

Styliani Themistocleous

School buildings and classrooms

More subjects need to be added, not only the subjects that students have but also new subjects, that will be useful and fun. A new class for fun needs to be built so that students, when they have free time, can go there and play with many mini games. The classrooms must be cleaner for the health and welfare of students.

The library

The library would be nice to be paperless and have more technological equipments so that students can find what they want faster and easier. This could make study less boring.

The cafeteria

In the cafeteria, those responsible, must set rules on what the officials give to the children. Also they must remove all the unhealthy food and put healthier food like fruits. All these are for the health of the students because health is the most important thing that, as students, we need to have

Stavros Koumnas

Are schools good these days? Is our education good these days? Are the buildings and classrooms safe and do they create a nice mood for students?
School and Classrooms
Well, as students we are not happy at school for many reasons. Classrooms have only chairs and desks. Students are usually in a bad mood because the classroom is not colorful and it is empty. Secondly, the buildings are not safe, for example, if there is fire, then there won't be any emergency exits for the students. So, we are in danger not only from fires but also from earthquakes .
Another problem is the time of the school and the way that students try to learn and study the subjects. How can you study with enough energy when you have to wake up from 6 am and start studying from 7:30? It isn't only this. When you have to hold a bag with seven or more books for seven hours and have only three breaks of fifteen minutes each, how could you continue your day and do your activities, your homework and your extra lessons?

In the end, there are many more suggestions that could be taken into consideration for us and for the next generations to come!

Panayiotis Hasikos

I would like to bring to your attention some changes for our school that would make it more up-to-date and inviting for the students.
School Building
It would be nice if we had our school re-painted to make it look new with nice bright colours. Also the classes should have interactive boards in every class to make the lesson fun while learning. Another thing, for the garden of the school outside, it would be lovely if more trees, flowers and grass would be planted. This would make it safer for the PE lesson and relaxing to spend time at during breaks.
Library and books
It would be nice if every student had his/her own e-book to bring to school and have all their books saved there so the students don’t have to carry heavy bags. This would also make the students look forward to studying during break time so we can have less homework at home.

I would really appreciate if you would keep in mind some of these ideas, which I believe will improve our school.

Giana Georgiou

School Buildings and Classrooms
In my classroom I would like to have emerging technologies such as cloud computing, augmented reality and 3D printing. Also I would like to only have glass and windows so the classrooms can communicate and can help the students do a lesson together with other classes. Therefore, they will be more sociable and make new friends. Students will only need to bring with them their laptops when they’re going to be doing their homework and lessons. Most importantly the school should have robots as teachers. I think this would be more fun for the students.
The library
The library building would also be walled with glass and students should have to use a ‘smart card’ in order to go inside. Also the building will be automatically controlled for lights and air-conditioning. I imagine the library without books, with just a computer where the students can write the book title of their choice and the be able to read it electronically. I think that can make things easier for everyone, especially the students.
The cafeteria
The cafeteria would have robots to serve students. They will be going to the ‘pick up’ areas where they can tell the robots the food of their choice and after a minute the food will come out. Another thing is that the cafeteria would have one big television where the students can watch whatever they want while enjoying their lunch.

Andrea Xenofontos