ESL Creative Learning

English Private Institute

ESLCL TEDEd Club is an idea that developed through the innovative educational TED-Ed programme. It celebrates creative ideas produced by students who work their critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
​As the next generation’s great presenters, the members worked with great passion and desire throughout a journey that lasted for three months. They learned several skills which are required in this demanding world both of university and work. Presentation and public speaking skills were just few of those acquired. Students built up their self-esteem and shared with peers and students worldwide their big ideas. Among others, were storyboarding, animation, networking and video editing. ESL Creative Learning is thrilled to see the outcome of these students, the ExciTED Heroes.

The ESLCL TEDEd Club will run again from October 2014 to May 2015 and is open for all our students of levels B1 and above.