ESL Creative Learning

English Private Institute

Extra Curricular Activities

All clubs will be running once a month and are open to students of B1 level and above.

  • Drama Club
    This club aims in developing the student’s ability for critical writing and sharpening their argumentative skills. Students will focus on the analysis of theatrical texts through audiovisual material and field trips which will motivate their oral and written work. 
    Workshops include Creative Writing, Analysis, Act and Role-Play.

  • Cinema Club
    The Cinema Club will focus on watching selected films and having a structural analysis of certain striking scenes through a discussion of symbolism both of image and script. We will examine the art of motion picture photography by looking at some cinema techniques and effects including camera movement, lightning and lens.
    Workshops include Contemporary Cinema Analysis and Cinematography.

Registration for the clubs is not yearly, but if you are interested in a month’s workshop you need to enroll a week ahead. 
Late registrations are not accepted.
The schedule for each club will be placed at the institute’s notice board.
Registration can be done at the reception, by email or phone.